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The Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

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The Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist 2x 100

Summer is a great season to experience warm weather, feel the summer breeze, spend time with your loved ones outdoors, join pool parties, go for outings, and have fun.

With schools off, sunny surroundings, and longer days, we can already smell the fresh barbeque grills, visualize kids playing around in the garden, and savor mini-vacations with a margarita by the beach.

However, amidst enjoying the lively summertime, you do not want to worry about the upkeep and maintenance of your home. Right? A summer home maintenance is beneficial to ensure that your home is prepared to face the soaring temperatures.

It can be checking on electric appliances, cleaning the interior and exterior, adding a new look to your outdoor garden, or more. A summer home maintenance will improve home efficiency and keep your home from unwanted and unexpected damages. Further, it will enhance your home value by making it look brand new and prevent breakdowns, ensuring family safety.

Here is a quick handy checklist that will remind things you want to take care of before summer arrives.

The summer home maintenance checklist

For some, summers are fun outdoors, while some prefer staying indoors to avoid the excessive heat. Here is a maintenance list for a home to make the summers enjoyable inside as well as outside.

1. Outdoor basic home maintenance

– Clean gutters and downspouts

Although cleaning gutters and downspouts are usually done during the winters and spring, it is also recommended in summers.

Summers bring high winds that can cause dried leaves, debris, or twigs to accumulate and clog the gutters. These clogged gutters can lead to flooding, water issues, molds, or stagnant water.

While you are working over cleaning the gutters, do not forget to inspect the connecting routes. Additionally, with the help of extensions, it is essential to keep the chain of downspouts as far as possible from your home. Lastly, spray the gutters with a power garden hose to remove the smaller particles (if any).

– Power wash the deck/ porch seating

Summers mean outdoor times-lazy mornings, lots of sunshine, pool parties, and more! Porch or outdoor seating is the center of all the fun, which is why it needs some routine TLC before summer. Ensure that your deck is in excellent condition before you host your first summer soiree.

First, you need to check if there is any rotting or cracking in the wood, if so, replace them. It is essential to fix all these holes and cracks before the end of summer because you never know when it will start snowing again. Also, check if the board needs to be resealed by pouring water. If the water soaks in the wood, you should consider resealing.

The deck or porch gets a lot of wear and tear from the year-round footsteps and winter weather. To repair this, you can power wash the deck and repaint it to add a fresh look to your outdoor space.

Here is how you can preserve and maintain your deck for a longer period of time.

– Inspect windows

With humid weather outside, make sure to shut down the windows properly to maintain a cool temperature inside. You can also install window films to deflect the UV rays.

Next, clean the windows to get a bright, clear outdoor view. Do not just wash the windows, but also the window screens with warm soapy water. If the window screens are ripped and are too dirty to be cleaned, replace them.

Further, look around the window and examine if there exist any cracks that need re-caulking as even small openings can get mosquitoes, bugs, and other pests inside.


Use a vacuum cleaner and tiny soft brushes to get rid of small dust particles in window channels.

– Take care of your gardens

Gardens are an exceptional way to make your home look appealing and beautiful. If you have missed maintaining your home garden during the spring, don’t worry, it is not too late! The early summer is a wonderful time to manage and adorn your outdoor garden space.

In order to keep your garden healthy, consider using mulch. Mulch is extremely helpful as it can maintain optimal soil temps, enhance soil nutrition, and remove weeds. It also enhances moisture which is helpful during the hot summer temperatures.

In addition to using mulch, trim the shrubs, bushes, and trees to prevent them from resting on air conditioning units, home roof, and exteriors, and avoid damages.

Here is a short video on taking care of the outdoor garden this summer!

Some tips mentioned in the video include:

  • Performing pest control to avoid pests from hampering the growth of the plants.
  • Place plants away from A/C units as it can damage plant growth.
  • Water your plants frequently to maintain the soil moisture.

– Examine exterior fence and gate

While you are outdoors, check on your home fence and gate conditions. If you have a home fence to keep your pets or children safe, you will want to ensure that no part of the fence is broken or has missing pieces.

If you have a wood or iron fence/gate, it can deteriorate over time due to weather transitions. It is essential to perform regular checkups and repair or replace them as per their condition. Further, to add an alluring touch to the overall look, you can consider repainting the fence and gate (it also enhances its lifespan).

– Swimming pools

Swimming pools are yet another important part of summer. But before you send out invites for a pool party, you want to check if the pool pumps and heaters are working fine. Also, ensure to inspect and maintain your swimming pools to avoid leaks.

2. Indoor basic home maintenance

Reverse ceiling fans

Many homeowners are unaware that most of the ceiling fans have switches that can spin the fan in both directions as per the needs of the user. During summer, when the temperatures are high, you can reverse the direction of the fan for a cooling effect. When the fan runs in a counterclockwise direction, it pushes the air downwards enabling a refreshing breeze.

Also, while the fan is functioning, it collects a lot of dust on its blades. Take some time off and clean those dirty blades to enhance fresh, cooling air indoors.

Service HVAC systems

Having a functioning HVAC system during summers is probably the best thing you can ask for. But, before the weather turns too hot, clean the condense coils, make a quick service check for the air conditioning systems and fans at home. Also, upgrade the thermostat according to your summer schedules or replace it with a programmable thermostat.

Clean air vents

Air vents are useful for keeping the air cool and circulating within the home. You can take care of these vents by cleaning them, clearing the clutter (if any), and performing regular servicing. Also, make sure to check all the air vents are functioning well. Cleaning air vents increase the cooling capacity and cool down your home faster.

Here is a quick video on how to maintain your HVAC.

Some tips include:

  • Checking the insulations.
  • Turning off the humidifier.
  • Replacing the air filters.

Inspect attic and basement

We often miss out on the attic and basements, considering them to be less important. In the attic and basement, look out if there are any signs of mildew, water clogs, mold, leaks, or holes, if yes, clean and repair it immediately.


In summers, refrigerators become an indispensable part of your house in humid temperatures. You want to make sure that your refrigerator is working at its peak capacity. Start off with cleaning the coils, refueling gas, checking the filter, and opt for regular servicing of the refrigerator.

Smoke and CO detectors

Summers are a good time to check on smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors. Inspect them, replace the old batteries, and hire professional technicians if required.


All Smoke detectors need to be replaced every 10 years. If you don’t replace them on time, it will become impossible to stop them from buzzing when they go off until you replace them.

Make sure you are not caught off-guard by blaring smoke detectors in the middle of the night. Replace them proactively to ensure they don’t go off at an inconvenient time.

More summer maintenance tips

  • Repaint the home exterior to get a refreshing look.
  • Clean the faucet tracks to eliminate clogging.
  • Use exhaust fans to get rid of access heat.
  • Use a Dehumidifier and follow inspection every summer.
  • Be sure to inspect your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Get your chimneys cleaned.
  • Get rid of outdoor bugs in the yard with bugs’ spray.
  • Perform roof inspection.
  • Beautify your yard by adding new plants.

Summers are a time for relaxation, but routine home maintenance is also essential. So, if you are looking to have fun this summer, then do not forget to take some time off for this seasonal home maintenance checklist.





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