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Buying a home is the largest purchase of our lives.
Along with space and comfort, homes come with planned
and unplanned costs, and emit 48 metric tons of carbon
dioxide (CO2) annually in the United States.1 The average
U.S. CO2 emissions per person is 5 times more than
the rest of the world.2

EV manufacturers, government initiatives, and businesses are all working toward net-zero carbon
emissions. It’s time for homes to do their part.

Dwellin Inc. is a sustainability company that helps U.S. homeowners tackle home
maintenance and preserve more of the planet for future generations. Our easy-to-use
mobile app, Dwellin, estimates annual home maintenance costs and carbon emissions,
then shows homeowners steps they can take to reduce both.

Dwellin’s secure, AI-powered platform helps home, condo, apartment and townhouse
owners proactively plan maintenance throughout the year, track information on appliances
and systems, organize service pros, and begin the journey toward net-zero living.
Based in Boston, Dwellin Inc. is a net-zero company.

By 2030, our mission
is to empower 10 million homeowners

to reduce costs and
carbon emissions.

What if your home could do more for you, and less to the environment?

Try Dwellin for free today.


Jones C., Kammen D. (2011) "Quantifying Carbon Footprint Reduction Opportunities for U.S. Households and Communities," Environmental Science & Technology.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Carbon Footprint Of Best Conserving Americans Is Still Double Global Average." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 29 April 2008.


Jun 1, 2023 | Press Release

Dwellin and EnergySage Partner to Put Sustainable Home Energy Solutions
at the Fingertips of American Homeowners

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Meet The Dwellin Team

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Santhana Krishnan
Founder and CEO

Santhana is a dreamer who enjoys building teams to
pursue disruptive ideas. Always planning his next art, food
or travel experiences with friends and family, Santhana
is committed to giving back and making meaningful
social and environmental impacts for future generations.
Homeowner since 1997.

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Sandeep Soman
Co-founder and CTO

Sandeep is a product leader, design thinker and curious
tinkerer. His greatest joy is building teams to create products
that deliver extreme value. Outside of work, Sandeep is a
macaron aficionado, travel deal-finder, and is constantly
amazed at his wife’s creative, food waste reduction hacks.
Homeowner since 2003.

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Nikhil Punde
Vice President, Growth

Nikhil is a business development leader with a passion for
decoding market trends and understanding customer needs.
He believes in growth through disruptive innovation and
strategic partnerships. Nikhil is a fitness enthusiast,
and on weekends you can find him running mountain trails
or participating in local triathlon events.
Homeowner since 2007.