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General Questions

Who can use Dwellin?

Dwellin has been thoughtfully designed for anyone and everyone who needs assistance in their homeownership journey. Whether you’ve just moved in or have been a homeowner for decades, Dwellin can simplify homeownership for you and your family, and also help you save money in the process.

What type of homes can Dwellin help manage?

There is no restriction to the type of home that can be managed with Dwellin. It can assist you in managing single family homes, multi-family homes, townhouses, condos, apartments and larger estates.

What devices are compatible with the Dwellin App?

Dwellin App is available on iOS and Android devices.

Is Dwellin available in all regions of the United States?

Yes, Dwellin is available across the United States.

Is Dwellin a free app?

Dwellin has both a free and paid version. The paid version is called Dwellin Pro.

I really want to integrate sustainable, planet-friendly practices at my home. Can Dwellin help?

Yes! In fact, that’s our mission as well. We believe Net Zero begins at home. And we are committed to empowering 10 million homes in reducing costs and carbon emission 2030.
We understand that this takes work. That’s why, our platform enables homeowners to live in alignment with their priorities while embracing sustainability through tasks, tips, guides and more.

Okay, I love what you are doing! How can I get involved?

We are always looking for ways to make Dwellin better. Do you have ideas for a new feature? Any new topic you’d like us to consider? A carbon footprint reduction or home maintenance hack?
Reach out and let us know at

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App Questions

Is the maintenance calendar personalized to my home?

Absolutely! Right off the cuff, Dwellin asks you a few simple questions about you and your home and creates an annual calendar of important to-dos tailored to your home.

Can I add new tasks to the calendar?

Yes, home maintenance is a personal journey, and you can add custom tasks to your Dwellin calendar to make your journey better.

How does Dwellin calculate the annual maintenance cost for my home?

Dwellin looks at publicly available information linked to your zip code to derive approximate costs for utilities, town services, insurance and various commonly-used professional services required for ongoing upkeep of your home. With added details from homeowners, Dwellin can estimate an accurate cost for maintaining your home.

What do you mean by Inventory?

Inventory refer to items such as personal electronics, entertainment systems, appliances, art and collectibles, mechanical tools, etc. It is important to maintain a record of all your inventory in a single place to track repairs, servicing and warranties.

Is there a way to export my Inventory list?

Yes, you can export your custom list of inventory items with the Dwellin Pro subscription.

I am currently employing a few home service professionals. Can I include their information in Dwellin?

Yes, feel free to add contact details of all your service professionals in the Info section of the app. We will be coming up with new, useful features in the near future to help you better manage and schedule your service requests.

Can I add my family members to my home profile?

Yes, you can. We understand that home maintenance is not a one-person job and hence we have included the feature to add family members from your user profile section. Currently you can add one family member in the free version.

How many documents can I upload?

We understand that you need important documents to be easily accessible. Also, we understand that a home comes with a lot of paperwork. That’s why, Dwellin lets you upload documents in multiple formats up to 1GB per home. Further, we have setup categories such as Receipts, Appliance Manuals, Purchase, Insurance, etc. to help you keep your documents organized.

What is Dwellin Journeys?

Dwellin Journey is a step by step guide to help you navigate home maintenance through the Dwellin app. Through simple steps such as adding your service provider or exploring how much you can save with a home coverage plan, Dwellin guides you to better manage your home and save money.

How can Dwellin help me save money?

With a personalized budget, Dwellin helps you take the first step towards managing your expenses. Further, as you embark on your Dwellin journey, the app will recommend useful products and services to help you reduce unexpected expenses and suggest cost-saving tips.

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Dwellin Pro

What is Dwellin Pro?

The paid version, Dwellin Pro, provides access to premium features such as managing multiple properties, adding multiple family members to your account, exporting your inventory list for insurance purposes, auto-update of your home binder and automatic update of your appliance manuals.

What is the pricing?

The Pro subscription will be available at a list price of $2.99/month or $24.99/year.

What will happen if I cancel my subscription?

We really hope you don’t cancel but in case you really have to, here’s how Dwellin will process it:

- Monthly Subscriptions: You will not be charged on the next payment date and you will be allowed to use the premium features till the end of the subscription. For example, if you purchase a monthly subscription on Feb 20 and cancel on March 1st, you can enjoy the premium features till March 20th and will not be charged again.

- Annual Subscriptions: If you cancel an annual subscription, we will refund the money based on a monthly subscription cost. For example, if you enroll on Feb 1st and cancel on Feb 22nd, you can use the service till March 1st and will receive a refund of $22 ($24.99 - $2.99). In some cases, you may not receive any refund depending on how late into the year you cancel or the discount you received on the initial subscription.

Upon cancellation, the premium features will go back beyond paywall
- Multiple properties: Any added property will stay but greyed out.
- Export inventory, automated manuals and refresh binder will go back behind the paywall.
- Family members: Those who have been added will get a message saying their access has expired but can set up their home by clicking a button.

Can I pause my subscription?

Currently we do not support pausing or holding the Dwellin Pro subscription.

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Privacy & Security

Do you share my data?

Protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We never sell any user data. We may use your information to personalize the app and enhance your in-app experience.
Please refer to our Privacy and Data Security policy for more details.

How secure is my personal information?

Please refer to our Privacy and Data Security policy.

Do I need to connect my bank account to Dwellin?

No, Dwellin does not require you to link your bank account to your profile.

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