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20 Must-Have Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

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A home is a lot more than just four walls and a ceiling. Owning a home is one of the most exciting achievements, and as many call it, “An American Dream.”

It is your own place under the sun – no hassles, no more landlord issues, no compromises, no rules, high security, privacy, and a lot more. But, with perks, come the responsibilities such as maintenance, tax payments, and insurance.

One of the most fun yet inevitable effects of being a homeowner is taking on home projects and maintenance responsibilities. Of course, not every DIY or home maintenance project is fun (fixing faucet leaks or garbage disposal), but many of them are enjoyable. These projects add a personal touch to the space like restoring DIY shelves check this, hanging new photo frames, fixing LED ceiling lights, etc, all the aspects that make a house a home.

When it comes to upgrading and maintaining your home, there are several purchases and improvements to consider. As a homeowner, one of the first things to do is to have a well-stocked tool kit. Investing in solid, vital equipment early on is a wise decision that will help you make easy, quick, and affordable repairs in the long run.

Here is a list of some of the most critical and popular tools from every department to ease your maintenance projects.

Must have basic tools

A basic household tool set is suitable for beginners and new homeowners irrespective of the maintenance project they are about to handle. Here are some of the best hand tools that every homeowner should own.

1. Screwdriver set

A screwdriver is a frequently used tool in every home project. It is available in multiple shapes and sizes to deal with different screw types, so purchasing a set is convenient. Also, a screwdriver is an ideal tool for household projects like fixing furniture, tightening a drawer, changing switch covers, installing lights, and more.

2. Claw hammer

The Claw hammer is a perfect tool for both; basic construction and demolition. One side of this hammer is flat (great for nailing wood), and the other side has a claw-type, V-shape structure for extracting nails from the surface.


A Fiberglass hammer is more durable than plastic or wood-handled hammers.

3. Adjustable wrenches

Want to fix leaky faucets or tighten some nuts? Wrenches to the resucue. An adjustable wrench is a versatile tool that also allows you to fix bolts and nuts of assorted sizes.

Image Source: Amazon


Opt for long handle wrenches as you can use them when you need extra leverage.

4. Level

A Level can make home projects very easy. It takes away the guesswork out of alignment and makes hanging wall items a breeze. So, the next time you aren’t sure if the picture frame is hanging straight, use a level.

Image Source - Amazon

5. Tape measure

Yes, we know it might seem irrelevant after you move in, but trust us, it is essential. A locking measuring tape is useful in almost every DIY or maintenance project. A 16-foot tape is adequate for most project works, but you can also opt for a 25-foot measuring tape for easy room measurements.

Alternatively, you can also use a measuring app on your phone in a pinch. Not all phones are capable of accurate measurements, but the feature is becoming fairly common in devices.

These are the basic tools that will help you with big and small home upkeep tasks. To help you get started here is a basic tools kit from Industry Buying.

Must have garage tools

A garage is not just a parking spot but also a great storage option for all kinds of plumbing, gardening, and home tools. But as a homeowner, you will also need a set of tools for all garage emergencies and maintenance. So, apart from the basic tools mentioned above, here is a list of a few more must-have mechanical tools.

1. Utility knife

A Utility knife, also known as a Stanley knife or the box cutter, is a sharp instrument that cuts through packaging carton boxes as well as the strong carpet. You will be amazed by the ease with which this tool cuts various materials such as tapes, plastic, rubber, and even medium-sized woods.

Image Source - Amazon

2. Hex key

Also known as the Allen wrench, this tool is a must-have for your garage and home maintenance needs. Unlike most wrenches, hex keys fit inside instead of around the nuts and bolts, to adjust them. A hex key is usually used to fix bicycles and assemble furniture nuts.

Image source - Home Depot Allen wrenches


Allen wrenches are economical and available in multiple shapes & sizes. Purchasing a set is recommended.

3. Work light

A work light is usually required during the winters or while working late at night when the natural source of light is low. A garage work light is stronger than the usual LED lights and is useful for keeping an eye on smaller garage components.

Keeping a work light on the desk will keep your eyes strain-free and help you to perform cutting, measuring, marking, and pasting tasks with ease.

4. Measuring tape

Measuring tape is equally important for an automotive workshop. As mentioned above in the basic tools section, a measuring tape is used in the garage as well. It can be used to measure various vehicle parts for precision and accuracy.

These are some of the must-have garage tools. To help you get started, here is a garage toolkit from Home Depot.

Must have power tools

Working with basic tools is favorable only until you are handling minor projects. But once you get involved in intricate projects, you might need power tools to help you get the job done.

Power tools are activated by an additional electrical force other than the human body. They are meant to accomplish complicated projects quicker and with ease.


Power tools might be expensive, but are even available for rent at Home Depot.

1. Cordless drill

A cordless drill is an exceptional tool for performing basic tasks like installing shelves, building a gate, repairing patio furniture, and other regular maintenance work. These drills are usually backed by rechargeable batteries which make them easier to carry around and reach smaller nooks.

2. Power saws

If you love woodworking or building things in your shed, from scratch, a power saw can be a great addition. It is an essential tool as it makes cutting metal and wood, easier. There are several types of power saws available in the market. Also, they come with 3 types of blade attachments - rotating, circulating, and reciprocating blades. Each can be used for different kinds of projects, depending on your needs.

3. Power nail guns

Hammering a few nails into any surface is easy, but when it comes to fixing a complex project, such as fitting a kitchen cabinet, framing, or building furniture - you might need a power nail gun.

It is a hammer replacement for drilling nails onto the surface while reducing human effort. Also, these power nail guns are inexpensive and come with an air compressor, making them one of the must-have tools in your kit.

Image source - house grain

4. Power sanders

Power sanders are amongst the best home improvement tools. If you like woodworking or carpentry then a power sander can go a long way in making your projects a breeze.

A power sander can easily trap dust and smoothen the surface to give you a finer finish without any extra effort. There are various types of sanders, such as belt sander, random orbital sander, rotary sander, and more.

These are a few primary power tools to help you solve complex projects. To help you get started, here is an affordable starter power tool kit from Amazon.

Must have plumbing tools

Generally, plumbing issues are relatively easier to fix than other maintenance projects; all you need is the right tools. Many homeowners do not have the basic plumbing tools and eventually pay more for usual plumbing problems. Here is a list of tools you can consider purchasing for your plumbing needs.

1. Plunger

Clogs are a widespread problem and can arise when you least expect them. In such situations, a plunger can help you clear the blockages in no time. There are eight types of plungers, based on different types of drains. Purchase a plunger that fits both old and new efficiency toilets, we recommend using a beehive plunger.

Image source - Home Depot

2. Toilet auger

When you have a lot of guests at home or a get-together party, there are high chances of toilet blockage, this is when you might need a toilet auger to clear the congestion. It is also known as a plumber’s snake and is specifically designed to tackle toilet clogs. A toilet auger comes with a thin, long metal rod that is put into the clog and rotated to clear the debris down the pipe.

3. Plumber’s tape

A plumber’s tape is also called a Teflon tape or thread tape. Teflon tape is typically used to tighten seals while dealing with plumbing leaks. According to the EPA, an average family wastes approximately 180 gallons (about the volume of a large refrigerator) of water per week. Consider using this thin tape made from PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) to stop the unnecessary water leaks.

Image source - Technetics

4. Tongue and groove pliers

Tongue and groove pliers are also known as water pump pliers. These pliers are versatile as they can be used for gripping, twisting, pulling, loosening, and tightening taps, nails, nuts, etc. Also, they are adjustable in multiple sizes and come with long handles for better leverage.

These are simple plumbing tools that can help you handle basic plumbing issues on your own. To help you get started, here is a basic plumbing toolkit from us.

Must have gardening tools

First-time homeowners are excited about getting open spaces but struggle to keep up with its maintenance. Here is a list of basic gardening tools to help you keep the garden lush, green, and well maintained.

1. Shears

Shears are trimmers that are used to cut off dead and unwanted plants. It also shapes the plants, enables new growth, and helps your garden look greener and fresher.

2. Shovel

A shovel is a must-have gardening tool as it is handy in almost every gardening activity. It is a helpful tool for getting rid of large weeds, digging through the soil, and moving small heaps of dead plants from one place to another.


For better grip and power, use shovels that have longer handles.

Image Source - QVC

3. Lawn mower

A well-maintained lawn uplifts the entire property. A lawnmower saves time and makes lawn maintenance easy. There are several types of mowers available and the best suitable type for your terrain depends on the size of your yard.


You can opt for manual lawn mowers for small sized lawns, and for a medium or large sized lawn, consider an electric or gas lawnmower.

Image source - Pinterest

4. Rake

A long-handled rake is useful for removing unwanted small plants, spreading mulch, gathering debris, and more. Raking is an ideal option to eliminate the damage, making your lawn look appealing and cared for.

There are a few essential gardening tools every homeowner needs to ease their gardening experience. To help you get started, try this gardening toolset from Home Depot here.

House upkeeping can be a demanding and tiring task but having the right tools can make the difference. We hope that this list of tools helps you in your home maintenance and DIY projects.





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