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Smart Home Technology You Should Try

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The idea of smart home technology has been around for a while now. Since the 2000s, smart homes have become increasingly popular and affordable to homeowners. With the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices, it has now moved one step closer to being the top choice for homeowners. We’re now seeing unprecedented growth of fully equipped, smart homes.

You can now control all the devices in your home with just your smartphone – saving time, money, and energy. So, you could run a load of laundry while you’re out shopping, or control your thermostat with voice commands- the possibilities for convenience are endless. Another plus of using smart home technology is that it makes your home energy efficient – for instance, with programmable thermostats, you could control the heating or cooling of your space while saving energy consumptions (and cost!).

What is smart home automation?

Smart home automation is a broad term for devices that have been enhanced to connect to a common network, allowing remote control or a certain degree of automation. It allows you to control nearly every device at your home with the help of wireless internet. These devices can then be controlled through a common system, making the entire system a “connected home”.


A good wifi connection is a must for a good smart home connection.

Innovative home technology has progressed from simple homes with a few smart devices, to the next level of automation. Now they not only take commands but also personalize and adapt according to the daily behavioral patterns, touch, and senses. Smart homes, thus, allow you to unleash the world of high-tech luxury & convenience. As technology evolves, it opens newer possibilities for smart technology, too.

Imagine: As you unlock the door, the thermostat already sets the perfect room temperature. Your door auto-locks behind you. Next, the home automation system pulls the blinds, turns on your favorite music, dims the lights, and a smart bathtub fills up – setting you in the mood for sheer relaxation.

However, choosing the right technology for your home is key. There may be numerous gadgets in the market, promising varied advantages. Finalizing your needs, researching the best options, and choosing the right devices will ensure that you are getting the most for your investment. Here’s our list of top smart home automation devices that you should try to make sure you work smarter, not harder. You don’t need to purchase all of them in one go, but these can help you plan a foundation that you can eventually build on top of.


Research if your smart devices are eligible for any tax credits or rebates because of their energy efficiency.

Smart security cameras

For homeowners, home safety is a top priority. Smart security systems are a notch above contemporary security devices. These cameras have a push notification or email system enabled, to notify if it records any suspicious movements or tampering.

They are wireless, easy to install indoors or outdoors and cover wide-angles with night vision. Along with round-the-clock streaming, they also offer to record and monitor the space from anywhere and at any time. You can view the feed remotely or sync it on an online drive, and live worry-free about the safety of your home.


Have you ever missed your keys, or have you locked yourself out? We’ve all been there. Consider investing in smart locks instead. Not only are they safe, but they also cut down the need of carrying a bunch of keys.

Smart home locks are available with both key and without-key (phone app) door unlocking options. They offer multiple features like facial or fingerprint sensors, random pin code generators, a wireless system for break-in alarms, unlocking if you’re approaching with your smartphone and automatic relocking within 30-60 seconds for safety precautions. Some of them are also Siri or Alexa compatible, so while indoors, you can unlock the doors with voice commands too.

Here’s a list of the best smart locks to get you started.

Smart robot vacuum cleaners

Vacuuming can be tedious and time-consuming. Save your time by investing in a smart robot vacuum cleaner. They come with sensors, pre-set cleaning functions, self-cleaning capability; some even have a front-navigation camera so you can remotely monitor them. They are smart enough to adapt to their surroundings (learn home layouts) and adjust accordingly (climb stairs and empty their bin).

Smart refrigerators

Refrigerators are the most used appliance in every household. Smart refrigerators offer more than just keeping food and beverages cold.

With the latest technology, smart refrigerators can now communicate, organize foods, customize temperatures based on the ambient cooling, and a lot more depending on the brands. They come with modern chic designs with built-in touch screens letting you connect with your loved ones, play music, write notes, create online shopping lists, and more. The smart display screen has access to the wireless internet which connects to your smartphone’s app giving you complete control. Along with these details, the fridge can also sense and make temperature fluctuations ensuring the food stays fresh for long.

Smart cooktops

There are plenty of smart devices to add to your kitchen, especially if you enjoy cooking. Smart cooktops are a great investment as they make the entire process seamless and fun. Smart cooktops, like these, come in different sizes based on your need. They use induction technology which reduces fire hazards (great if you have kids around) and saves energy. They’re capable of monitoring the food temperature, notifying when food’s ready, and even allowing voice control from Alexa or Siri.

Smart lights

Smart lights are good first steps to home automation if you are just starting out. They are cheaper than other smart devices, can be used in any home, are cost-saving, and are easy to control. Also, they conserve energy and save you from hefty electricity bills.

The latest smart light can sense the room’s brightness and make automatic adjustments from growing brighter to dimmer, as well as turning on or off when someone entrance or leaves the room. These lights are controllable with voice commands, smartwatches, or smartphones.


Using smart switches or plugs for dumb devices can enable you to control them remotely from your phone.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are a revolutionary solution for home temperature maintenance. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made thermostats enabled with Wi-Fi connections and temperature & motion sensors. These sensors adjust temperatures automatically based on personal settings, weather conditions, and your preferred daily schedules. The best-automated thermostats offer reduced energy consumption, voice control, app connectivity, room sensors, and more. All these add up to comfort without the need to make constant changes.

Smart pet camera

Wondering what your pets are up to while you’re away, missing them, or just wanting to make sure if they are alright? No matter the reason, a multifunctional smart pet camera is the perfect solution. Smart pet cameras come with a customized camera to monitor your fur babies. These cameras are a step ahead of the conventional security camera as they have night-vision and two-way audio. They also let you watch, hear, talk, and even send treats using your phone when you are not around.


Pets can also trigger motion sensors in smart devices. Look for gadgets that can identify between human & animal triggers.

Smart bathroom

For most of us, home automation is all about upgrading the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, but over the past few years, technology has evolved drastically for bathroom automation as well.

Some great smart gadgets for your bathroom are:

  • Smart Faucets that have motion sensors, auto cut features and temperature settings.
  • Smart bidet or toilet with proximity sensors, water temperature setting and custom height adjustments for every house member.
  • Smart mirrors with auto defoggers, bluetooth speakers, motion sensor light controls.

Here are a few more latest bathroom technologies.

DIY home automation

Smart home systems have improved functions to reduce human effort, however, some of them can be pretty expensive. Here is a list of DIY techniques to build creative home technologies at cheaper rates.

With evolving smart home technology, it can be fun personalizing each device according to our needs. These smart devices will make your life easier and save you time (and money).





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