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How a sliding door smart lock can help keep your home secure

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Sliding doors, though aesthetically appealing, pose some security risks. They don’t come with deadbolts and may easily be opened when tampered with by someone with ill intentions. Here’s where sliding smart locks come into the picture. Smart locks come with many security features that can help you be and stay relaxed when you’re away from home.

There are several reasons a homeowner should purchase a smart lock for their sliding door. For one, it adds an extra layer of security to the home. In addition, smart locks can be controlled remotely, so you can let people in even when you’re not home. Finally, many smart locks come with features like automatic locking and unlocking, which can be very convenient.

Types of smart door locks for intelligent home

Many smart door locks can work with your intelligent home system. Here are some of the most common:

  • Smart door locks with keypads can be used to unlock a door using a code, which you can keep confidential if you wish.
  • Smart door locks with keyless entry are convenient because they allow you to unlock your door without touching it by simply swiping your phone across the lock. This is especially helpful if you’re carrying something in one hand and don’t want to risk dropping it while trying to use both hands together!

The benefits of installing smart locks on sliding doors

Here are some of the benefits of sliding door smart locks can offer:

This smart lock is easy to install

This smart lock can be installed by yourself or by a professional. It can be installed in minutes, and you don’t have to drill or cut anything. The installation process is as follows:

  • Attach the door frame bracket to the top of your sliding door with screws or anchors (if necessary).
  • Attach the handlebar assembly to the bracket with screws or bolts (if necessary).
  • Slide your lock over onto its mounting plate, which should already be attached to your door frame.

You can lock and unlock it remotely

You can lock and unlock your sliding door smart lock remotely with a smartphone, key fob, key card, voice command, or fingerprint scanner. It also comes with a proximity sensor, so you don’t have to fumble around in the dark looking for your phone when you go out at night. Some models even have facial recognition systems that recognize you by face or fingerprint and automatically open the door for you!

It is compatible with your smart home devices

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Nest, and Samsung SmartThings are some of the smart home devices that can be connected to a smart door lock. Sliding door locks can be controlled remotely with voice commands.

For example:
“Alexa, ask Schlage Connect to lock the back door.”
“Hey Google: lock my front door.”

With this type of integration, you don’t even need an app on your phone or tablet—you can use a simple voice command instead!

It can send you a notification when someone enters or leaves your home

You can either lock or unlock your sliding door smart lock remotely and get notifications when someone enters or leaves your home. This means that you don’t have to be home to allow people in, so they don’t need to knock on the door and wait for you. Instead, they can get in as soon as you’ve opened the app, which is especially useful if they’re carrying something heavy or bulky, making it difficult for them to get their hands free (like groceries).
You can also see what’s happening with your door through the app. You can find out whether the door is locked or unlocked (or if it has been tampered with), how long its battery lasts before it must be recharged, and how many people have entered since the last charge.

The lock system won’t be notified if anything goes wrong—for example, if one of its sensors gets knocked out by an object left behind by someone who just left—and engineers can decide if repairs are needed right away or if there’s still time.

It has a build-in keypad

The smart lock also has a built-in keypad that you can use to lock and unlock the door. It’s great for hands-free entry, but it also gives you a convenient way to check the status of your lock. If someone at your door needs to contact you, they can do so by pressing any button on the keypad (you’ll get a notification).

If there are people inside who want to leave and others outside who need access, they can enter their own PINs into the keypad, so everyone is covered.

If there are people inside who want to leave and others outside who need access, they can enter their own PINs into the keypad, so everyone is covered – just like with any other type of smart doorbell!

There is no fussing with keys

No more fumbling around for your keys, no more losing them, and no more worrying about them being copied or stolen. The Sliding Door Smart Lock allows you to lock and unlock your sliding patio door using a mobile phone app, so there’s no need to carry any hardware around with you. With a smart lock system like this one in place, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your house keys again!

It is safe to use a smart lock door for homes

Yes! The latest trends show that people are increasingly looking for better ways to protect themselves and their families against intruders. And with this technology available today, there’s no reason anyone should be afraid of getting one for their home. Many homeowners are already taking advantage of these innovations to keep their loved ones safe from harm.
Although Smart door locks offer a lot of conveniences, there are also some safety concerns that need to be considered.


With a sliding door lock, you can significantly enhance your home’s security. Not only will it help keep burglars out, but it can also protect against fire and water damage. Additionally, it has been proven that these devices are one of the best ways to keep your family safe from intruders. This device is an excellent choice if you’re worried about keeping your family safe in an emergency or burglary attempt.

It’s no secret that sliding doors are a popular choice for homeowners. They’re easy to install, and they can be used in a variety of different rooms in your house. They’re also perfect for sliding glass doors because they give you access to the fresh air outside while still keeping your home safe from intruders.





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