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How to Go Solar Without Installing a Single Panel

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Many people want to reap the benefits of going solar (savings, supporting renewable energy, etc.) but they either rent or don’t have a home suitable for solar. If you fall into this category and want to lower your electric bills, while supporting the development of local, renewable energy, look no further. 

When you subscribe to a community solar project, you’ll receive credits on your monthly electric bill for the energy generated by your share of the project.

Here’s how it works:

  • Search and compare community solar projects near you (they must be located in your
    utility’s service territory).

  • Choose a project and subscribe.

  • Your solar farm generates emission-free electricity.

  • Utility companies distribute the electricity throughout the grid.

  • Pay your community solar provider based on the energy generated by your share of the project.

  • Your utility company applies credits to your monthly bill, reducing what you pay.

So, why should you sign up for community solar? Choosing to join a community solar project comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Savings on your electric bills: Most people who sign up for community solar save between 5 and 15 percent on their annual electricity costs.

  • Great for renters and homeowners: Perfect for renters or homeowners who can’t have or don’t want solar panels on the roof.

  • Benefits the environment: Community solar projects generate local, emission-free electricity for 25+ years.

  • Supports local jobs: Because you can only sign up for community solar projects within your utility’s territory, you know you’re supporting renewable energy development in your local community. These projects require labor to build and maintain, which ultimately increases clean energy jobs near you!

In order to be eligible for community solar, you’ll need to make sure there are open projects in your area and, in some cases, you’ll need to meet the project’s credit score requirements. To explore what’s available in your area, check out EnergySage’s Community Solar Marketplace where you can browse, compare, and sign up for community solar projects near you.


To take advantage of community solar, ensure to check the availability of projects in your area and their credit score requirements.





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