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Introducing Dwellin Pro: Home Management Redefined

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Today marks a significant milestone in our journey—a journey that began with a vision to simplify homeownership. It is with immense pride and sheer joy that we unveil Dwellin Pro to you, our community of dedicated homeowners.

Dwellin was born as a digital tool to keep the sanctum of our homes at our fingertips. But it was just the beginning. As our community grew, so did your needs. You wanted more power, more flexibility, and more features to handle the growing demands of modern homeownership.

Dwellin Pro isn’t just an app with enhanced features; it's a testament to our commitment to innovation and to serving you better. Here's what sets Dwellin Pro apart:

  1. Automatic Appliance Manuals: Simply update the brand and model of your appliance, and Dwellin Pro automatically provides the respective user manual. No more sifting through drawers or endless online searches.

  2. Export Inventory for Insurance: Meet your insurance needs with a quick export of all your key appliances and systems

  3. Detailed Home Binder: All your home details including inventory and maintenance costs in one beautiful binder

  4. Manage Multiple Properties: Easily switch between your properties and stay on top of home maintenance

  5. Add Multiple Family Members: Share information with family members and divvy up home maintenance.

And this is just the beginning. We are actively working on several other innovative features that will come to Dwellin Pro soon—each designed to make home management not just easier, but a true delight. While I can't reveal too much just yet, I can promise that the future of Dwellin Pro will bring even smarter, more intuitive capabilities.

I personally thank you for placing your trust in us and for joining us on this remarkable journey. Welcome to Dwellin Pro—where your home, our technology, and the future of home management align.

With warm regards,

Santhana Krishnan, Founder, Dwellin



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