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Living Sustainably Saves

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In an effort to curb escalating utility bills and contribute to the global initiative of reducing our carbon footprint, more and more homeowners are considering ways to incorporate energy-efficient systems into their households.

In this article, we'll guide you through several practical steps you can take to achieve a sustainable home. From simple energy-efficient upgrades to the incorporation of solar power, we'll explore a range of options that not only promise to decrease your utility costs but also foster an eco-friendly lifestyle.

So, if you’re thinking of ways to reduce your utility bill costs and live more sustainability, consider the following as you plan your next project:

1. Make energy-efficient decisions

No energy-efficient upgrade is “too small” to impact our environment and your electricity bill. You can save simply by using LED lights or installing a smart thermostat. Switching to an electric stove, upgrading your insulation, or replacing your electric panel are also relatively easy ways to lower your electricity bill and qualify for great tax incentives.

2. Upgrade your heating and cooling systems

Heat pumps are cleaner and more comfortable than gas furnaces, oil boilers, and traditional air conditioning systems – they also heat and cool your home. Depending on your current heating and cooling system (especially if you currently use oil or propane) and your energy rates, you might even save on your heating bills when you switch to heat pumps. You can begin exploring your heat pump options here.

3. Switch to an electric vehicle

While EVs typically have a higher retail price compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles, they can be much cheaper to fuel depending on your electricity rates – and, you might even qualify for tax incentives that substantially reduce those upfront costs. When you pair your EV with a solar panel system and a home EV charger, you can power your car with free, clean energy. Learn more about EVs.

4. Reduce your electricity bill with home solar

With solar, you can save thousands on electricity over the life of your system while eliminating 3-4 tons of carbon emissions each year. Dwellin has partnered with EnergySage, the nation’s leading solar marketplace, to help you go solar with confidence. Sign up for a free account to compare competitive quotes from vetted installers - or if you’re a renter, save 5-15% on your electric bill annually by subscribing to a community solar farm. Learn more here.


Pair your electric vehicle with a home solar panel system to power your car with free, clean energy, significantly reducing fuel costs over time.





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