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Thanksgiving Cleaning Checklist For Your Home

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Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to spend quality time with friends, family and loved ones. In addition, you can show off your home and your hosting superpowers.

Hence, it's helpful to make a cleaning checklist to prepare for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving cleaning checklist:

Here are some tips that you can add to your Thanksgiving cleaning checklist.

Clean the oven

The oven is the most important and frequently used electronic appliance in the kitchen. Make sure you clean it properly to give it a nice lemony sparkle. Also, if it requires any minor maintenance or you notice any issues, it will be good to get those fixed.

Re-arrange and clean the fridge

Usually, the fridge is full of various leftovers from the past few days, so it is necessary to clear all portions to ensure there is no foul smell.

After clearing all leftovers, remove other things from the fridge racks and clean them with half vinegar and water.

When the cleaning is over, refill the necessary things in the fridge racks. You will be glad to see a neat and clean fridge from the inside and outside. Now you can put those delicious desserts in the refrigerator you make for Thanksgiving.

Assemble plates and glasses

    If you expect many guests to visit your home on Thanksgiving, it is good to ensure enough plates and glasses to serve them.

    It's best to avoid running to the store last minute.

    Bathroom cleaning and stocking

      A bathroom is a place that needs special attention during the holiday season.

      You should thoroughly clean the bathrooms, and remember to restock the supplies such as toilet paper and bathroom fresheners. Also, make sure you have clean towels for your guests. Ensure all other essential things, such as handwash, facewash, shampoo, conditioner, etc., are stocked up.

      For a complete guide to bathroom cleaning, refer to our bathroom cleaning checklist.

      Get the fireplace ready

        Perform a routine inspection of your fireplace to ensure the fireplace and chimney are safe throughout the holiday season. It might also help to schedule a professional inspection of your fireplace.

        An active and well-functioning fireplace is a great way to make your family and guests more comfortable.

        Blinds and curtains

          Thanksgiving cleaning is incomplete without cleaning of blinds and curtains. It helps cover the windows and gives a nice touch to your home decor.

          Guest room cleaning

            On the special eve of Thanksgiving, if you expect your guest to stay overnight, it's good to clean and get the guest room ready.

            Clean the curtains, bed sheets, rugs, etc., and have a fresh blanket and pillows to ensure your guests are comfortable.

            Set the table

              It is time to pull out your big table if you expect many guests at Thanksgiving.

              Also, set the table a day before and decorate it so that it will look inviting for the guests, and it's one less thing on your plate on the day of Thanksgiving.

              Recipe list

                Last but not least, Thanksgiving checklist is to list all the recipes you want to serve your friends and get all the groceries and ingredients required for it. It will ensure your time is well spent on making those delicious dishes and not on last-minute grocery runs.

                Most importantly, make sure to have a lot of fun conversations, play games, and capture those priceless moments with your loved ones. Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!



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