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The Ultimate Spring Home Maintenance Guide

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Spring is one of the most loved seasons as it brings in the spirit of optimism and new beginnings. It marks the end of frigid winters, transitioning into bright summers. During this time, the flowers bloom, trees regrow leaves, snow melts, and the weather finally starts to pick up. With lengthier days and warmer temps, spring is the perfect season to spend some time outdoors, cherish the bright spring colors, get active, and breathe in the fresh air.

However, along with these activities, it is also the ideal time of the year to perform home maintenance. It is time to take advantage of the moderate weather, roll up your sleeves and tackle the pending home projects that were at a halt during the winter months.

To begin with, look for winter damages and repair them before it starts getting worse. Also, be sure to prep your home and gardens for the scorching summers and schedule maintenance tasks accordingly.

Here is a spring home maintenance checklist to help you with some tips, steps, and suggestions. Use this checklist to keep track of all the important tasks and get them done swiftly, leaving you some leisure time to enjoy the spring season.

The Ultimate Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Many of us worry about home maintenance. However, with proper planning and the right checklist, maintenance tasks are easier to perform. Here is a list of the ultimate spring checklist for indoor and outdoor home maintenance.

Interior Spring Home Maintenance Checkist

1. Spring cleaning

Before you begin with opening the windows and letting the fresh air within, make sure you clean the indoors first. Spring is the season of freshness, and you want to make sure your home is freshened up for the upcoming seasons. So, while you perform the spring cleaning, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Start with appliances as they will be used in optiminal potential for the coming months.
  • Give your old shoes the baking soda treatment.
  • Run the vinegar solution through dishwashers for sparkling effect.
  • Do not forget to disinfect your trashcan.

Open the windows

While the winters are over and as it starts getting brighter, it is time to open the windows and let the fresh air indoors. Opening the windows will aerate your room and help you get rid of the stagnant air. Also, while you are doing this, inspect the window screens for any winter damage.

Inspect the AC

As we are getting closer to the summers, the heat is surely about to build up. So, a well-functioning air conditioning unit is a must-have for the next few months. To start with, inspect the unit, and vacuum the accumulated dust from winters. Next, change the air filters and check for leaks.

Lastly, if you find it difficult to inspect the AC, consider hiring a professional. The expert will inspect it thoroughly, help you get rid of any severe damage, and prolong the life of the unit, keeping you cool in summers.

Here are some more tips for the Air Conditioning checklist

  • Check the outside unit for any damage and uncover it after winters.
  • Replace air filters from the system.
  • Check if the condensate drainpipes and lines have obstruction or if leaking.


Test the Air conditioning system a month prior to summers, so that you have time to repair or replace if required.

2. Upgrade appliances

As we are moving towards warmer days, it is essential that our home appliances are functioning well and can sustain hotter temperatures. Spring is a great time to maintain these appliances, and repair, replace or upgrade them as needed. You can also consider leveling up to smart energy-efficient appliances as they lower your utility bills, consume less energy, and are more efficient.

– Use a programmable thermostat

A programable thermostat is known for reducing 10% of the annual cost as it adapts to heating and cooling settings based on whether you are home or not. It also comes with sensors that ensure comfortable room temperatures only when it is occupied.

Apart from these, here are some more energy-saving tips:

  • Use star energy appliances.
  • Use natural sunlight to your advantage.
  • Insulate your home.
  • Upgrade lighting.
  • Use an electric power strip.


Consider performing an energy audit to learn where and how you can optimize the energy at home.

3. Check the basements and crawl spaces

After cold winters, basements and crawl spaces are prone to dampnehttp://local.dwellin/admin/entries/journal/11445-the-ultimate-spring-home-maintenance-checklist#ss. Look for signs of moisture, leaks, and water stains. Examine if there are any cracks on the walls that can induce water or structural damage and repair them immediately if any.

Also, while you are down there inspecting, it is a good idea to give a quick glance at other basement equipment such as the sump pumps, water hoses of the washing machine, windows, and lookout for signs of any pests.

Here are some more tips:

  • Add insulation to your basement to keep your home cool in summer.
  • Seal the ducts and ensure they are connected securely.


To prevent moisture buildup in the basement, use a dehumidifier.

Here are some more tips for the indoor spring home maintenance checklist.

  • Test the smoke alarms and replace the batteries, if not working.
  • Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan.
  • Eliminate the clutter from your home interior.
  • Inspect the sump pumps if they are in working order.
  • Change the thermostat settings.

4. Outdoor Spring Maintenance Checklist

Inspect the roof

A sturdy roof enhances your home’s curb appeal and is the first line of defense against the external elements. However, the winter storm and snow might have taken quite a toll on the roof shingles. So, it is vital to examine the roof and ensure it is damage-free before it gets any worse. Also, spring is the suitable season to perform a quality check and ensure the roof is sturdy as before.

Begin with inspecting the roof through binoculars. Check if there are any missing or curling shingles, damaged pipes or metals, accumulated debris, and more. Also inspect for signs of moss, algae, or leaks on the inner walls. If you notice any of these issues or require a closer inspection, call a professional and get it fixed as early as possible. Leaving the damaged roof unattended can lead to adverse situations the next time a storm hits.

Here are 6 steps to inspect the roof like a pro:

Run outdoor faucets

Before transitioning into the spring season, it is important to undo the previous season changes such as turning on the outdoor faucets that were shut during the winters. While the water is running, be sure to test for freeze damage.

You can test for freeze damage by placing your finger on the faucet’s opening. If the flow of water stops, the pipeline is likely to be damaged and you may want to call a professional to inspect it. Also, do not forget to look for signs of leaking.

1. Check the sprinklers

A well-designed and efficient irrigation system will ensure timely watering schedules and take care of your landscape. In order to keep your lawn/garden maintained, perform a spring sprinklers tune-up. It will not only save water but also keep your plants vibrant and your lawn lush green. Here are some tips to maintain your watering system

  • Check if the sprinkler is properly spraying all over the lawn.
  • Adjust the heads that are spraying in the driveways or walkways to avoid water wastage.
  • Be sure to check that none of the lawn faucets and sprinkler heads are broken or damaged.

Clean the downspouts and gutters

One of the most important spring maintenance tasks is cleaning the gutters and downspouts. Over time, the gutters and downspouts accumulate debris, leaves, and rakes that can damage the roof, foundation, and exterior paint. Cleaning them does not only protect your home from water damage but also saves you from expensive repairs in the long run. Also, early cleaning in the season will help prevent damage from spring rains.


Perform caulking to prevent water leaks.

Re-paint the home exterior

If you are looking to refresh your home exterior and give it a completely new look, repainting is a perfect option, especially in the spring season. Repainting will increase your home curb appeal, reduce health risks, and free up your time for the summers.

Also, during this time of the year, the weather gets warmer – leaving the snow behind, and the temperature is not extreme, making it the ideal season for re-painting.

Here is how you can repaint your home exterior.

Here are some more tips for the outdoor spring home maintenance checklist.

  • Inspect the chimney
  • Inspect the exterior walls, look for signs of cracks or leaks.
  • Clean the driveway and walkway from outdoor dirt.
  • Inspect the concrete.
  • Spruce up your lawn and landscaping.
  • Inspect the deck.
  • Check the windows and consider recaulking if required.

Apart from this spring checklist, you can also check our other (Summer & Winter) seasonal home maintenance checklist.





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